Thursday 18 May 2023

Beautiful Shape Beautiful Dress

Have you ever watched Downton Abbey? This series, starring Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery, Maggie Smith, and many others, managed to grab my attention to the point that I watched all the seasons until they were finished in less than a month.

Not only in terms of an interesting story script but also the setting of the film, which takes the background of a classic castle in England. It makes me feel as if I have pressed the time button and been stranded there, witnessing crisscrossing conflicts between the characters. Sadly, I just can watch; there's nothing else I can do.

This series makes me feel at home for at least two other reasons. First of all, the visuals are slick and the second one is their costumes. I am in awe. It seem the clothes of the female actors are made specifically for the characters and fit their bodies perfectly. They have slick shapewear dress. Supported by their ideal posture. And yes, I would give the stars ten out of ten for their look.

There are also some of the best costumes in Pride and Prejudice and Little Women, similar to Downton Abbey. 

But anyway, actually having an appearance as ideal as theirs isn't just a fantasy. We can wear clothes that stand out like theirs too. As long as we know exactly what our body shape is like, we can find a dress model that fits us. I believe nobody is perfect, but she or he is perfect with her or his imperfections. 

Do you believe that behind a perfect appearance, there is an invisible framework or shape that we can work on? Let me tell you if you can wear a shaper dress, even for your daily look. You're still find that you're gorgeous. 

Popilush is the easy way to handle your shape look. Once you wear it, the problem just solved.  Wondering, why? The secret is the layer inside. Designed with the smooth modal fabric, the second layer inside help us to manage the body shape just like the picture below.

See? Compared to going to the gym, which takes extra time, we can get a perfect body shape like the Spanish guitar, even in a matter of minutes. Uh, but that doesn't mean we skip sports or a healthy lifestyle, you know. I'm the type who believes that being healthy is the most important thing. Body shape, or beauty that radiates, is the additional result we get. Just like a bonus. I believe you all agree with me.

So, if the shape is perfectly formed, the clothes are elegant, such as a lounge dresses that many actors wear on special occasions. Don't need to be a celebrity to have and wear a beautiful dress if you already have the basics to put on.



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